Thursday, September 10, 2015 Founder Eddie George "The Crazy Guy With The Lazy Eye " and his News Team Assist in recovery of stolen vehicle and apprehension of suspects

Written By Trevor Montgomery

                                                            ****BREAKING NEWS****
A yellow 1982 Toyota Pickup 4WD that was stolen earlier today near State and Acacia was just recovered by the Hemet Police Department at the AM/PM located at the intersection of Stetson and Gilbert by our very own Eddie George Aka "The Crazy Guy With The Lazy Eye "  and Laurie Cain his Personal Assistant for Hemet Eye News, who were driving to an assignment when they saw what they believed to be the stolen vehicle parked or broken down near the public phone at the AM/PM located at 500 W. Stetson, in the city of Hemet.
Eddie and Laurie recognized the vehicle from an earlier post about the truck, that had been sent to the Hemet News Facebook page. While Eddie radioed the Hemet News dispatch to verify the truck he and Laurie had located was the actual stolen vehicle, Randall Nillson joined Laurie and together they maintained a visual on the vehicle and suspects.

 Once Eddie "The Crazy Guy With The Lazy Eye " confirmed the truck was the stolen vehicle in question, he contacted the Hemet Police Department to report the location of the stolen vehicle. He also reported that the vehicle was occupied by a male and a female suspect who appeared to be attempting to repair the stolen truck.
Lindsey Caro, who was driving home from a local business, was passing the AM/PM at approximately 5:10pm when she observed a number of Hemet Police vehicles swarm behind the stolen truck, at which time the female suspect fled from the truck around the AM/PM. The male suspect was immediately taken into custody, while the female suspect ran through the parking lot of the AM/PM and through the adjacent dirt field to the west of the AM/PM.
The female suspect was closely pursued on foot by two of the responding officers. As the female suspect neared a fence at the extreme end of the dirt field, she was tasered by one of the Hemet Police Officers then there were all over her like a monkey on a bananna and she was subsequently taken into custody without further incident.
When asked later about the incident and what she had witnessed, Lindsay said, "I just can't believe some people these days. They feel the need to steal what they want instead of work for what they want. They are cowards in my eyes. I'm happy that the family received their truck back and these people will now face the consequences for their actions."
Eddie George Aka "The Crazy Guy With The Lazy Eye " managed to film the entire incident as it unfolded and Hemet News will provide exclusive footage of the incident as soon as it has been edited and prepared.

Congratulations and a special thank you to Eddie George Aka "The Crazy Guy With The Lazy Eye ", Laurie and Randall Nilsson, for going above and beyond the call of duty to keep an eye on the citizens of this community in order to better ensure their safety!
News Lead and Photo Credits to: Lindsey Caro, Eddie George Aka "The Crazy Guy With The Lazy Eye " , Laurie Cain, Randall Nilsson and Miguel Shannon.

More details to follow when press release is available to HemetEyeNews.Com.

Filmed by "The Crazy Guy With The Lazy Eye" Founder of HemetEye News

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