Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Hemet Eye News Road Rage Driver hits Bicyclist on State & Stetson

Reported a bicyclist was hit by a vehicle on State and Stetson by a Road Rage Driver. 
Our Freelance Reporter John Woods Interviews the Bicyclist on video.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Apartment Fire Breaks out on Latham & Hamilton in Hemet

Reports of an apartment fire on Latham & Hamilton with one elderly woman trapped inside. 
There were also pets inside of home. The elderly lady was removed from apartment and CPR was given then was transported to the hospital. . 
The pets were also rescued from the home by a bystander.. 
It is nice to see our community helping each other in time of need. 
We want to say thanks to our Hemet Fire dept and community for a job well done !

Photos and video courtesy of Prescience Photography

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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Hemet Eye News - 2 Male Teens Assaults Cashier & Customer at Top Smoke Shop in San Jacinto Ca

Reported by : Eddie George 
" The Crazy Guy With The Lazy Eye "
With Hemet Eye News

With Roy Boone who was a customer attacked in the assault at Top Smoke Shop in San Jacinto Ca


The two subjects has been identified and has been detained by police. 
One Subject turned himself in by influence of his family.

Here is a statement from one of the family members on the Hemet news facebook page

Sammy BiggsHello all, First and foremost, the Mother of Joshua and myself would like to apologize for his actions. He clearly has made a very bad decision. The mother and I , as well as his brother, spoke to him and told him the right thing to do is to turn yourself in, and he agreed and did just that. I have also contacted the store to pay for what ever damage has happen to Mikes store. I know we all have our thoughts on what kind of person Josh is based on a simple clicking and watching of a video. He was wrong, absolutely wrong for what he has done and I refuse to defend it. Just know, there is so much brightness in this child than there is darkness. From our family and to all of your families. We are sorry this has happened. Josh is a good kid, who simply made a life changing bad decision. He is very remorseful.

Mike ( the cashier ) was discharged from the emergency room with a few stitches
and no major injuries.  May be sore in the morning but is ok.

San Jacinto Police Dept responded to a report that 2 Caucasian males entered Top Smoke Shop Located at 2334 S San Jacinto Ave in San Jacinto Tues Night May 12,2015 around 6:00 Pm  grazing the store while shoplifting. 

The subjects approached the counter when they attempted to make a purchase. After being carded and confronted on the pocketed merchandise the subjects attempted to flee the store the fight broke out fighting the cashier.

The one subject returned to the store and begin kicking and fighting the cashier and another customer who jumped in to help the cashier. 

Both the Cashier and customer were injured in the altercation.

If anyone reconizes the subjects in the video please contact the San Jacinto Police Dept.


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