Saturday, June 27, 2015

Mail Theft Warning in the area In between Kirby and Sanderson.

Reported by a community Member
West side hemet area mail being stolen from mail boxes 
someone is going around prying open the lock box of ppls mailboxes
area In between Kirby and Sanderson.
Keep an eye out if you are in this area described

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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Carjacking and kidnapping occurred at the Shell Gas Station located on 1213 Calimesa Blvd., in the city of Calimesa

On Sunday, June 21, 2015, at approximately 11:51 P.M., a carjacking and kidnapping occurred at the Shell Gas Station located on 1213 Calimesa Blvd., in the city of Calimesa. The victim was at the gas station when a Hispanic or White male adult entered the victim's vehicle and asked the victim for a ride. The suspect then pulled a sawed-off shotgun from the rear of his trousers and pointed it at the victim. The victim was able to convince the suspect to allow the victim to drive to a location in Hemet where the victim was able to exit the vehicle and called the police.
The suspect left the area in the victim's vehicle before the police arrived. The suspect was last seen driving the victim's silver 2001 4-Door Hyundai XG model. The suspect and the victim's vehicle are still outstanding.
The suspect is described as a White or Hispanic male, mid- 20s, 5'06", 145 lbs, brown hair and brown eyes, shaved eyebrows with tattoos on his face, neck, and hands including: "NC" tattoo on his right cheek, block lettering on his eyebrows, tattoo on the left hand possibly starting with "21", tattoo on the right hand possibly starting with "18" and possibly 3 dots on his face.
The Riverside County Sheriff's Department is committed to the safety of the community and the citizens who reside therein. Anyone with information about this incident should contact Investigator Lane at the Cabazon Sheriff's Station at 951-922-7100 or the Riverside County Sheriff's Dispatch Center (1-800-950-2444), or email the Cabazon Station at Station at
Citizens may also submit an anonymous tip using the Sheriff's CrimeTips online form

Pan Handlers location in suv with monster logo on back FOUND

Lot of people in our community has complained that they were panhandled by these people in a tanish/golden Suv with the Monster Logo on back of the window.

We had reports that they would approach you for money and if you would not give them any they would get irate with you or if you tell them you have no money they would try to force you to go to an atm to get money to give them. 

Here is some locations they been located staying 

If you see these people out in public please avoid them and go the opposite direction

this motor home was parked in front of this home  in pic below

They are located by Mayberry and Girard

Below is another location they were spotted by a viewer

Monday, June 22, 2015

A large Boom was heard then apartment bursts into flames on Fruitvale Ave

Around 6:23 a fire  broke out and destroyed 3  Hemet apartments apartments at Vista Gardens Apts on 555 E Fruitvale Ave 

Press Enterprise stated that the fire started on the second floor unit patio. 
However speaking to neighbors witnessed the fire stated that the fire did not start on the patio but they did state they heard a loud boom noise that woke them up and they looked out their window and seen the fire exiting out the top windows from inside the apartment.
The Neighbors then went into action knocking on doors waking up the effected residents as they were getting them out of the home. 
2 residents were reported injured. One suffered a cut on her hand and the other resident were treated for second-degree burns
3 Apartments were effected and the residents had to be relocated .
The American Red Cross is on hand assisting the families that lost their homes.
The cause of the fire was unknown at this time.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Hemet Eye News - Press Release on Weston Park Stabbing

On June 17th at approximately 11:23 PM, The Hemet Police Department received a 911 call of a possible Stabbing at Weston Park (700 E Florida Ave.) Upon arrival, officers located a 45 year old Hispanic male down in the park, suffering from multiple stab wounds. Witnesses told officers that the incident had begun as a property dispute between two females.  During the argument the victim and another male adult joined the dispute.  The argument eventually turned physical and at some point the suspect produced a knife and stabbed the victim multiple times before fleeing the area.  The investigation eventually led to the detention of a 21 year old male as a possible suspect at a residence a few blocks from the crime scene.  

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Mobile Home Fire at the Hacienda Mobile Home Park on Elk / Florida

Reported by April O,Neil
HemetEyeNews.Com Reporter

This  Morning  Wednesday June 17, 2015 around 4:30 am this morning Flames broke out in a rubble outside of a mobile home that ended up catching part of the mobile home on fire. 
Reports stated there were 2 victims transported to the hospital
Conditions were unknown by our reporter.

Monday, June 15, 2015

HemetEyeNews.Com - Structure/Vegetation fire breaks out and spreads throughout few properties on Central / Santa Fe

Brief info we have :
Structure/Vegetation fire breaks out and spreads throughout few properties on  Central / Santa Fe 
No Injuries reported.
What caused the fire is under investigation at this time.
Fire and police were on scene in mins. 
Great Job Hemet Police and all the Fire units on scene.
We have included pics and videos sent in by the community in the video below.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Suv Backfires and catches fire at Grocery Outlet Parking Lot

Suv Backfires and catches fire at Grocery Outlet Parking Lot
No Injuries. The Chicken restaurant that was near the fire was evacuated all customers till after the fire was over.
Reported by Eddie George The Crazy Guy With The Lazy Eye With HemetEyeNews.Com

Monday, June 1, 2015

Masked Subjects Breaks into 5 Star Liquor Store during the night

Early this morning around 2:30 AM June 01,2015 subjects broken into the 
5 Star Liquor store at 501 N State St, Hemet, CA
The Subjects broken the right Door shattering all the glass and damaging the door as they
entered thru the broken door stealing large amount of alcohol and tobacco products .
Store employee stated that they parked on the far right side of the store
and was wearing clothing to cover their whole identity to where they could not
be identified . 

At this time there are no leads. 
Please keep an eye out for on the street tobacco and alcohol sales.