Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Chairs & Sofas Ribbon Cutting in Hemet Ca

Today Wednesday March 30th 2016 Chairs & Sofas had a great community outcome
to come celebrate the ribbon cutting of their new store front located 
at 2920 E Florida Ave #112, Hemet, CA 92544 .

Members of the city council of San Jacinto and Hemet was there to support the new business
and welcome them to our community.  Lot of members of the community came out enjoyed great food by neighboring restaurants such as George's Pizza who put out lot of pizza feeding the people
who came to support Chairs & Sofas new opening.
Address: 2920 E Florida Ave #112, Hemet, CA 92544


Monday, March 28, 2016

Fire Victim in Hemet Sept 15th, 2015 still needs help

This happen Sept 15th, 2015
The victim has not received any help as of this time.

Victim stated he left the house and some one was watching his house when he left . He stated that it was not 30 mins he left that he seen smoke in the direction of his home and neighbors stated that they seen some one open the garage went in then left. 
Then mins later flames was overtaking his garage area.
This happened in Sept. We were going through our sd cards and found his story . 
He asked if we would still put it up hoping some one would know something
Click below for story and video interview

Hemet Shout out from a Facebook Viewer

Was at the Chevron with Techron on Ramona Expressway and ran up on some Hemet News fans who wanted to give a shout out. 
Click Player below to watch.

Sunday, March 27, 2016

Empire Upholstery - Get your headlights Restored back to brand new condition

Interview with Winchester Business owner who saves a community members life from car fire

Tatyana "Dolly" Rodriguez MISSING Family have reason to believe she is being held against her will by the Hemet 13 gang member

Tatyana "Dolly" Rodriguez must be found asap before it's too late! 
We have reason to believe she is being held against her will by the Hemet 13 gang member on the right. We fear he has tricked her into a prostitution ring or human trafficking. 

Police will not help look for her unless we know the exact address or whereabouts of this guy Brandon "Stymie" Figueroa. 
*someone out there has to know where this thug is who has her so please let me know asap. You CAN remain anonymous!

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Hemet Police & Fire Online Police Scanner Live Click Here to Listen Live on Youtube

Click play on the youtube player below to listen to our Hemet Police & Fire online Live Police Scanners. 
Note: You will hear long periods of silence when the police or fire is not transmitting.
Also in case of any event in our community occur or we bring in special announcements
Hemet News can break in with video and audio and update the community.