Friday, July 31, 2015

Landscaping service Hemet Ca

Are you dreading getting out there in that hot sun to do all that yard work knowing it has to be done but darn, its just so freakin hot and you just dont want to get out of that nice air conditioned house.
well no problem ! it can still be done and you can still stay cool !
Thats right ! just call Rodriguez at 951-282-2708 or 951-294-7540 and tell em that the crazy guy with the lazy eye sent ya

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

SOCIAL HUNT - THE NEXT SOCIAL MEDIA PHENOMENON LAUNCHES Will you be the LUCKY person to find the celebrity signed chest filled with modern day treasures

IN NEW YORK -- Will you be the LUCKY person to find the celebrity signed chest filled with modern day treasures ?
Los Angeles, Ca
for immediate release-

What happens when you mix an incredible amount of A-list Celebrities with a Thrill of the Hunt promotion, Charity and the power of Social Media ??? You get the most incredible SOCIAL MEDIA campaign in the last 5 years ….
The Answer - SOCIAL HUNT
---SOCIAL HUNT was conceived in the creative mind of Steve Stein. Steve has been involved in Hollywood events for the last 20+ years working with red carpet events associated with the Academy Awards, American Music Awards, Grammys, EMMYS, MTV Music Awards, ESPY’s, etc.

10 years ago at an event raising awareness for the Asia Tsunami – Steve & his team had a chest that originated from Thailand (one of the affected areas hit by the tsunami) and had it signed by over 50+ A list talent (Johnny Depp, Clint Eastwood, George Clooney, Nichols Cage, Goldie Hawn, Kevin Spacey, Angela Bassett, Ryan Seacrest, Brittany Murphy, Jay Leno, Jim Carey, Matt Damon, Halle Berry, Pink, Demi Lovato, Josh Hutcherson, etc.)

The chest sat in his office and eventually in his garage until a few months ago when Steve “FOUND” the chest and decided it was time to do something INCREDIBLE with it… He brainstormed with his PRODUCT HOLLYWOOD team and together SOCIAL HUNT was born…

The team decided to turn this celebrity signed chest into a “Treasure Chest” filled with cool products, services & experiences (i.e., $5,000 Starbucks Gift Card, Round Trip tickets on Jet Blue, Set Visit on the TV Show Criminal Minds, Years Supply of Fendi Sunglasses, Back Stage credentials for high profile concerts, etc.) With thousands of dollars in “MODERN DAY TREASURES” the chest was now ready for phase 2 of the campaign.

This one of a kind celebrity signed chest filled with modern day treasures is now going on a cross-country tour. Starting in New York and working it’s way to back to Hollywood. While the chest is trekking across the United States – the chest will be getting more celebrities to sign the chest at various concerts and events and also allow individuals to take personal pictures with the iconic SOCIAL HUNT chest.

Ending up in Hollywood- the chest will do one last red carpet event and then ‘48” hours later will be hidden somewhere in the United States… and at that time the SOCIAL HUNT has OFFICIALLY begun… Clues will start to appear on a daily basis through participating sponsors websites until one LUCKY person has FOUND this signed celebrity chest and all of its treasures inside.

Hundreds of millions of fans all over the world are invited to follow the Chest on Tour and partcipate in the most exciting Treasure Hunt of all time, in support of disaster victims from the Asia Tsunami, Hurricane Katrina, Sandy Hook Elementary School, Columbine, and the recent devastating earthquake in Nepal.

Our hope is to broadcast the message, that as citizens of the world –we don't have to turn other way when we see these horrific news reports on TV. Through SOCIAL HUNT we want to Create Awareness & Funds for the survivors of these horrible disasters weeks, monthy & years after the world has forgotten about them.

SOCIAL HUNT has incredible key corporate partners such as Fuelcoin & Celebrity Hunt Poker, which have been instrumental with their vision & expertise in bringing SOCIAL HUNT from idea & conception to a potential SOCIAL MEDIA phenomenon.
FUELCOIN & SOCIAL HUNT PARTNERSHIP: Social Hunt Fans will be able to purchase BONUS CLUES using FUELCOIN, a new digital currency, to give them an advantage over others during the Treasure Hunt.

"Our goal is to reinvent the general public’s idea of internet finance to and create a whole new way to buy, sell, and interact on the web. Encrypted Labs, Inc. and FUELCOIN has completely revolutionized the digital payment industry by incorporating social media enterprises into our business model and forming a strong relationship with various non-profits and philanthropic initiatives, such as The Social Hunt Foundation. 

We want to create more than just a new way to safely and efficiently use your money online; we want to create a community." - Ian Worrall, Executive Director of Encrypted Labs, Inc. & Fuelcoin
“Celebrity Hunt Poker is very excited to be working with the Social Hunt. Our poker players will be able to face-off against 3 celebrities on our final table coming later this summer. 

We are happy to be supporting the disaster victims globally! Thank you Social Hunt for making this all possible!” - Robert Corriveau, CEO of the Celebrity Poker Hunt.
For more information on Social Hunt - please visit our official web site

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Who won free tickets to this Thursdays Eagles Tribute Concert at the Ramona Bowl Are......

Below are the winners who won a pair of tickets to the Eagles Tribute
This Thursday night 

Make sure you go to the Ticket window and let them know your name and that your 
are on the HEMETEYENEWS.COM Will Call Guest List. 
You will then be entered in for free !
Please help us keep sharing and let your friends know that you have won 2 free tickets 
by sharing and so could they !!!!

If your name is not on the list do not give up ! we still have a few more days !
so keep sharing and keep commenting that you shared  on the post we have on 


Congrats to Toby Ruiz who won the
10 free tickets to this show when she was at the Brent Payne Concert



If your name is on this list make sure when you go to the TICKET window
and let them know you are on the HEMETEYENEWS.COM'S will call list
and you will be let in. 

Make sure ya tell em that.....

Melissa wagge 4 tickets
Toby Ruiz10 tickets
Annamarie Petrolieri2 tickets
Maria Arzate Stevens2 tickets
catalina nava.2 tickets
Paul Pervano2 tickets
Cyndi Lynne Bishop Broderick2 tickets
Debbie Genco Bogenschutz2 tickets
Lucy Horan Osak2 tickets
Gordon Moon2 tickets
Thomas Guerrero2 tickets
Pearl Santana2 tickets
Angie Haack2 tickets
Sheila Enlow2 tickets
Bette Lizarde2 tickets
sherry meads2 tickets
Michelle Taylor2 tickets
Freda May Romo2 tickets
Jeff Jones2 tickets
Rob Lawson2 tickets
Michelle Thompson2 tickets
Sarah Marie Peralta2 tickets
Carol Oka2 tickets
Belinda Southworth2 tickets
Justice Mee Nunez2 tickets
Jennifer Anderson2 tickets
Ann Helsel2 tickets
Bonnie Moore2 tickets
Dorothy Hallden2 tickets
Rose Nash2 tickets
Toni Carrasco2 tickets
Denise Richards2 tickets
Julian Ralph Perez 2 tickets
Valerie Dominguez2 tickets
Lauri Morris4 tickets
Julie Anderson2 tickets
Lorraine Palmer2 tickets
Polly Moran2 tickets
Debbie Crull2 tickets
Raemi Watrin Vavao2 tickets
Kay Brod2 tickets
Yvonne Arant2 tickets
Dianne Mimi Williams 2 tickets
Jenna Embree2 tickets
Cheryl Blake2 tickets
Diana Lujan2 tickets
Emily Delgado2 tickets
Chole Herrera-Bonaiuto2 tickets
April Slyter Solum2 tickets
Beulah Nichols2 tickets
Joshua Roberts2 tickets
Katie Pittman2 tickets
Donna Serna2 tickets
Delores Westbrooke 2 tickets
nancy cole2 tickets
Brenda Morrow Prutch 2 tickets
Gloria N Danny Perez2 tickets
Christy Hornback2 tickets
Suzanne Chambers2 tickets
Michelle Vorhis-Cisneros2 tickets
Sue Johnson2 tickets
Gloria N Danny Perez2 tickets
Josee Gordon2 tickets
 Bojo Mane2 tickets
Shelly Padilla2 tickets
Cathy Meza2 tickets
Sandra Zimmerman Pierce2 tickets
Julie Ann Martz2 tickets
Freda May Romo2 tickets

Is your name not on this list ? 
Don't Worry ! 
We still doing drawings !

And he can still see around the corner !

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SCAM ALERT Please Share and be aware !

SCAM ALERT Please Share and be aware !
There is a guy wearing a green hope food shirt walking around san jacinto from house to house asking for donations on hope foods behalf.
He was reported on On Deanza street asking residences for money. SJPD has been notified
The Subject was using a red walker and a cane.
Bambi with hope foods has no idea who the guy is and did not give him approval to do so. Always remember Hope Foods will never go door to door.
If someone comes to your home trying to collect donations in hope foods name Please take a pic of him and CONTACT POLICE ASAP !

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Interview with family of teen Eric Sargeant who was killed when 3 subjects attempted to rob him of his cell phone

Jan,14,2014 will be a day that a Hemet Family will never forget.

Everyone remembers the story of the Hemet Teen Who was robbed then stabbed 8 times by 3 subjects whom left him to die.

Eric's Mother Stated that he always loved his Starbucks !

Rip Eric you will never be forgotten in everyone's hearts

Yesterday July,24,2015 the Jury found Francisco Roy Zavala Jr., Francisco Atencio Siordia and Joseph Venegas GUILTY  for the murder of Eric Sargeant 16 Yo Teen  from Hemet   when they decided to rob him to get money to buy beer.

Eric's mother stated that she feels justice has been served and her son can now rest in peace. 

Eddie George The Crazy Guy With The Lazy Eye Founder of interviews the family 
The Family has been going thru a rough time going back and forth for trials in court causing lost time from work and money.

Then last week the family come home to find that their home has been broken into and robbed as well yesterday after arriving home from court finds their light disconnected.

Family has tried to get help from Iheap and other programs to prevent the disconnection with no luck after being told no funds are available.
How Much can one family take at one time ! 

Donations to help get their lights back on are being collected at Sweet Baby Janes BBQ on Harvard Street in Hemet at the BAR. side of the restaurant .

A go Fund Me page has also been created to help them as well. at to help the family get back on their feet and to get them caught up.  

BELOW IS THE INTERVIEW taped by our famous April O'neal news reporter with Hemet Eye News

Promotions and shout outs

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Michael Allen Quinn & Son arrested for Attempted Homicide (2 counts) on Gibble Rd Shooting

Shooting Leads to Arrest...
On 7-22-15 at 12:10 PM, The Hemet Police Department received a call of a shooting that had just occurred in the 600 block of Gibbel Rd. Upon arrival, officers discovered two adult males suffering from gunshot wounds to the head and face. Shortly after locating the victims, officers located and detained Michael Allen Quinn (11/08/47) and his 37 year old son. Officers learned that the Quinn and his son lived next door to the victims, who were also father and son.
Upon further investigation officers learned that the victims and suspect had been in a verbal dispute over a barking dog. The younger victim went Quinn's door and confronted his son. The dispute grew to eventually include all four subjects involved in a short verbal and then physical altercation. Quinn returned to his residence. However, a short time later, he returned holding a small handgun and fired multiple rounds striking both victims in the head and face.
Although both victims had been shot in the head, they were both alert and talking prior to being transported to local hospitals for treatment.
Arrested: Michael Allen Quinn (11/08/47)
City of Residence: Hemet
Charges: Attempted Homicide (2 counts)
Bail: $1,000,000

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Country Music Brent Payne Coming To Hemet This Thurs July23 At Ramona Bowl

The Ultimate "Payne" Killer is coming back to The Ramona Bowl! Thursday, July 23rd at 8:00 p.m. Tickets & Info 951-658-3111 and check out his video at
Celebrated singer/songwriter, Brent Payne, is headed back to the Ramona Bowl with a riveting new show, filled with all the charisma and humor for which Payne has quickly become known. HOT, DYNAMIC, ROCKIN’, ELECTRIFYING, POWERFUL, and AWESOME are just some of the adjectives that have been used to describe Payne’s show.

 This showman’s live performances are blistering with energy and always include crowd interaction. Don’t let his cowboy hat fool ya! Besides country music, Brent can tear up some classic rock, southern rock and good ol’ rock & roll. His on-stage charm, sense of humor and storytelling will have audiences rolling in the aisles with laughter, and his music will have everyone up and dancin’ in the isles! Brent is the consummate entertainer!
Always a true original and Southern gentleman, this cowboy from Oklahoma has been showered with music nominations and awards down through the years for his many accomplishments in the country music field. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the award-winning originality of this down home Independent country star.
Music Magazine special review: local country boy is moving on up! Brent's song Midnight Prayer has been nominated for Best Country Song Of The Year at the 2015 Hollywood Music Awards in November and has been #1 on the Independent Music Charts for 3 weeks in a row!

Brent Payne receiving an award for his support of the Veterans at Loma Linda VA Hospital and Guitars for Vets Loma Linda Chapter. Presenting the award to Brent is Marion Sherman, MD from the VA and James Robledo from Guitars for Vets