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Written by Trevor Montgomery
On Scene Reporter: Eddie George

Hemet, Calif.; This morning, at around 9:45 a.m., West Valley High School experienced a disturbance caused by a student who attends the school. The disturbance caused the school to activate their “Shelter In Place” mode as a precautionary measure.
The disturbance was caused by an unidentified, unknown age male student, who had climbed to the top of the school’s sport’s bleachers and was threatening to harm himself.
Lt. Dickson, of the Hemet Police Department confirmed officers from the Hemet Police Department responded to the reported incident and that the student involved was safely assisted and later transported to a local hospital for evaluation.
Hemet Police and AMR on Scene at WVHS during today’s disturbance. Photo Credit: Eddie George
According to Alex Cass, the Press Information Officer for the Hemet Unified School District, campus security officers and School Resource Officers called in assistance from additional Hemet Police officers, who successfully convinced the young man to come down from the top of the bleachers.
Hemet Police on Scene at WVHS during today's disturbance. Photo Credit: Eddie George
Hemet Police on Scene at WVHS during today’s disturbance. Photo Credit: Eddie George
Cass said no other students were ever in any danger and no weapons were involved in the incident. Cass stated the incident lasted approximately 20 to 25 minutes, after which all activities at the school returned to normal.
AMR on Scene at WVHS during today's disturbance. Photo Credit: Eddie George
AMR on Scene at WVHS during today’s disturbance. Photo Credit: Eddie George
Cass also stated the student involved came down from the top of the bleachers of his own volition after successful intervention by school staff and officers on scene.
Hemet Police on Scene at WVHS during today's disturbance. Photo Credit: Eddie George
Hemet Police on Scene at WVHS during today’s disturbance. Photo Credit: Eddie George
In speaking about the incident, Cass said, “Our number one priority within the Hemet Unified School District is to ensure the safety of all our students. We are constantly being pro-active in doing everything we can to keep our students as safe as possible.” Continuing, Cass said, “We want to thank our campus security officers, our Hemet Police Department School Resource Officers, our staff and administrators and everyone else involved in this incident for constantly working to keep our students safe.”
At approximately 11:32 a.m., the Hemet Unified School District sent out an automated phone call to all parents of students who attend the school, letting them know about the Shelter In Place activation and that the incident had been safely resolved. The message also stated no students were injured during the incident.

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Stater Brothers Moves to new location on Florida and Sanderson at old Vons building

Observant Neighbor Foils a Burglary in Progress

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Hemet city council meeting 10/27/2015

For those who could not attend the

  Hemet city council meeting 10/27/2015 

We have posted the video of last nights meeting.
Click below to watch what you missed.
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traffic accident Kirby / Oakland

Hemet Police /Fire AMR responded to traffic accident on Kirby / Oakland 
Vehicle struck pickup from behind . 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Suspect for a string of arson fires in Hemet

Officers Identify & Arrest Arson Suspect from Surveillance Footage On Monday, October 19 th , Hemet Police and Hemet Fire responded to a string of dumpster fires on Florida Avenue, between San Jacinto St. and Yale St., in the early morning hours of 5:00 am and 6:00 am.

A short time later a local business owner provided Hemet Police with surveillance video depicting the suspect lighting a dumpster on fire.
 Officers recognized the suspect from previous contacts and began searching the area to locate the suspect. Approximately two hours into the search, officers located and arrested the suspect in the 1800 block E. Florida Ave.

Further investigation is being conducted by Hemet Officers, for additional charges regarding the dumpster fires related to this incident. The suspect was later transported to Riverside County Jail. Arrested: Christopher Smith 1/4/1993 City of Residence: Hemet Charges: Arson Bail: $5,000

Hemet City Council Meeting 10/13/2015

Hemet City Council Meeting 10/13/2015 

Officers Pursue and Arrest Armed Vehicle Thief On Wednesday night, October 21st,

Officers Pursue and Arrest Armed Vehicle Thief On Wednesday night, October 21st, two Hemet Police Officers were conducting extra patrol in the area of Buena Vista St. and Whittier Ave. Shortly after 9:00 p.m. the officers saw a blue Suzuki Motorcycle driving west bound on Whittier Ave. 

The motorcycle did not have a license plate or any lights and the officers attempted to conduct a traffic stop. The motorcycle failed to stop and a pursuit was initiated. The pursuit wound through residential streets in the southern portion of the City of Hemet at speeds in excess of 40 MPH. During the pursuit, the motorcycle rider was seen reaching into his waistband numerous times and even threw objects at the pursuing police vehicle. 

The pursuit traveled in a mostly western direction and into the primarily senior citizen community of Panorama Village. In the area of Teakwood Pl. and Shasta Wy., the motorcycle rider jumped off the motorcycle and fled on foot through the community. The officers gave chase and were able to catch up to the suspect near the community clubhouse. 

The suspect resisted the officers but they were ultimately able to take him into custody. A search of the suspect revealed that he was armed with a loaded handgun that had been reported stolen out of Las Vegas and that he was in possession of a substantial amount of suspected Methamphetamine. Further investigation revealed that the motorcycle had been reported stolen out of Hemet four days earlier. Arrested: Joe Pimental, 40 year old Hemet resident. 

Charges: Possession of a controlled substance while armed with a gun, felony evasion, felon in possession of a firearm, felon in possession of ammunition, possession of stolen property, resisting arrest, and an out of state felony warrant. Bail: None

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

HPD Officers Arrest Arson Suspect...a string of dumpster fires that were being intentionally set at Florida Ave

On Monday, October 19th, Hemet Police and Hemet Fire responded to a string of dumpster fires that were being intentionally set at Florida Ave. businesses between San Jacinto St. and Yale St. between the hours of 5:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m.
A short time later, officers were able to locate a business with surveillance video that showed the suspect lighting one of the fires. Officers immediately recognized the suspect from previous contacts and began searching the area for him. At approximately 8:00 a.m. Hemet Police Officers located him in the 1800 block of E. Florida Ave. He was arrested and later transported to Riverside County jail.
Arrested: Christopher Smith 01/04/1983
Charges: Arson, Under the Influence of a Controlled Substance & Trespassing
Residence: Hemet
Bail: $5000

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Burglary Suspects Captured after Hemet Police Officers responded to an audible alarm at 1760 W. Florida Ave

Burglary Suspects Captured
On 10/20/15 at 2:06 AM, Hemet Police Officers responded to an audible alarm at 1760 W. Florida Ave. Officers arrived on scene in less than 60 seconds and found evidence that a burglary had occurred. Officers also responded to two other business alarms on the west end of Hemet and located one broken window on a business in the 2900 block of W. Florida Ave. Officers saturated the area conducting surveillance on the businesses and at 3:00 AM located two suspicious males hiding in the area of Lyon and Florida Ave. The subjects were detained and were tied to the earlier burglary through evidence at the scene and property located in their possession. Both the suspects were arrested for burglary and possession of stolen property, booked into Hemet PD and later transported to county jail. They are being held on $5,000 bail.
Suspect on left is Douglas Devlyne, 27 years old, transient.
Suspect on right is Franklin Williams, 33 years old, transient.

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RoadRage ends in a funny way ( best way to prevent road ragers)

Road rage can be a problem nearly anywhere. It is a big problem in Russia. Consequently, many drivers have dash-cams installed. These people watch as the driver of a nearby car gets out of his vehicle and angrily approaches the truck in front of him. Their concerns turn to laughter as they watch the response of the driver of the truck. He doesn’t get out, or roll down his window to argue. Instead, he rolls down the rear window and lets his security guy deal with the issue!

Monday, October 19, 2015

Burglary Suspect Hemet Resident Michael Lee Walker Captured Burglary/Vandalism $5,000 bail

Burglary Suspect Captured
On 10/17/2015, at 1:51 AM, Hemet Police Officers responded to a suspicious subject at 1600 E. Florida Ave. When officers arrived they noticed the parking lot metal roll up gate on the east side of the building had been damaged and pried open. Officers surrounded the building and saw a subject run through the parking area and attempt to leave out of a pedestrian gate. The suspect was taken into custody without incident and identified as Michael Lee Walker.
The investigation revealed that Walker had forced open the east roll up gate, drilled into the fuel tank of the parked van belonging to the business, then used this fuel to fill up his vehicle which was parked on the north side of the building.
Extensive damage was done to the gate and to the vehicle that was parked in the lot. Walker was booked at Hemet PD and later transported to Riverside County Jail.
Michael Lee Walker
$5,000 bail
Hemet Resident

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Subject steals whole display case of Scratch off lottery tickets from Paradise Market & Liquor Store and Flees


Officers Pursue & Arrest Theft Suspects Before Crime is Reported
On Sunday night, October 18th, two Hemet Police Officers were working a special enforcement detail in West Hemet. At about 10:00 p.m. the officers saw a suspicious vehicle in the area of Devonshire and Sanderson Avenues.
 The officers’ attention was drawn to the vehicle because it was backed into a parking stall in front of a closed business. Additionally, the officers were aware of a recent series of night time commercial burglaries in Hemet.
The officers observed the vehicle leave the parking lot without headlights and accelerate west on Devonshire Ave. 
Officers tried to stop the vehicle and the driver fled at a high rate of speed and made several evasive moves in an attempt to lose the pursuing officers. After a short vehicle pursuit, the driver stopped on Menlo Ave. near Cawston Elementary School. The passenger fled on foot but was quickly captured by Hemet Police officers while the driver of the vehicle was detained by officers.

A short time later, Hemet Police Dispatch received a 9-1-1 call from Paradise Liquor located at 259 N. Sanderson Ave. The caller advised dispatch that they had just been “robbed” by two suspects who stole a case of Lottery tickets valued at $1,600.00. The subsequent investigation linked both detained suspects to the theft at Paradise Liquor.

The suspects (listed below) were transported to Riverside County Jail.

Jabril Luckett (01-12-95) / Hemet resident
Booked for: PC487(a) - Grand Theft (felony), PC182(a)(1) – Conspiracy to Commit Grand Theft, CVC 2800.2(a) – Felony Evading of a Police Officer. Bail amount: $100,000
Jesse Hutchison (04-04-97) / Hemet resident
Booked for: PC487(a) - Grand Theft (felony), PC182(a)(1) – Conspiracy to Commit Grand Theft
Bail amount: $5,000

Fatal early morning accident on Saturday in San Jacinto

Fatal early morning accident on Saturday in San Jacinto

Photo Credit: Eric Buskirk

Fatal early morning accident on Saturday

in San Jacinto
Written by Trevor Montgomery

The scene of the fatal three vehicle traffic collision
 immediately after the accident. Photo Credits: Jun Castro
San Jacinto, Calif.; On October 17, 2015 at approximately 11:54 a.m., deputies from the Riverside County Sheriff's Department's San Jacinto Police Station responded to the report of a major injury traffic collision involving three vehicles at the intersection of Main Street and Ramona Expressway, in the city of San Jacinto. 

Upon arrival, responding deputies, assisting officers and multiple emergency first responders found a mangled mess of wrecked vehicles at the intersection. One victim, who remains unidentified, was pronounced dead at the scene. Two additional victims were transported to an area hospital with unknown injuries. Some reports from readers indicated one or more of the victims were flown by Life Flight to a local area hospital for treatment.

Multiple citizens witnessed the carnage and attempted to provide first aid and comfort to those who were injured in the accident, while others called 911 to report the accident and injuries.
The preliminary investigation indicated a blue Hyundai Elantra was traveling westbound on Ramona Expressway at a high rate of speed when it collided with a gold Chevy Malibu traveling south on Main Street. A secondary collision occurred when the Chevy Malibu collided with a GMC Sierra that had been stopped in the eastbound turn lane of Ramona Expressway.

The preliminary investigation indicated the driver of the Hyundai Elantra failed to yield to a red stop light at the intersection, which was believed to be the primary contributing factor in the fatal collision. The intersection of Main Street and Ramona Expressway was closed for several hours while the collision was investigated. The investigation is ongoing.

In a press release from the Riverside County Sheriff's Department, Sergeant Joshua Adam wrote, "The San Jacinto Police Department requests anyone having additional information regarding this incident to call the San Jacinto Police Department at (951) 487-7352."

Callers can remain anonymous and can refer to incident file number: I152900037
Photo Credit: Jun Castro
Photo Credit: Jun Castro

Photo Credit: Eric Buskirk

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Perris City Declares “War on Medicine” –Perris City Council Approves Improper Raids of Medical Marijuana Cooperatives


Story by John Davison With HemetEyeNews

October 7, 2015 Perris City Declares “War on Medicine” –Perris City Council Approves Improper Raids of Medical Marijuana Cooperatives
On October 7, 2015 Perris Code Enforcement served a municipal code abatement warrant using a small army of armed Riverside County Sherriff’s deputies to affect the improper forced eviction of 8 to 9 Medical Marijuana Cooperatives. A municipal code is different than a penal code, with municipal codes locally governing anything from business zoning to garage sales. 
While Perris has a municipal code prohibiting Medical Cannabis Cooperatives it does not have any summary abatement codes on its books for dispensaries nor did the city notice or hold an adversarial hearing pursuant to the codes that it does have; therefore Perris City had no legal authority to use police force to summarily evict Medical Marijuana Cooperatives without due process of law (no notice, no hearing, no due process, just a swarm of police using force to remove citizens from their land and separat patients from their medicine). 

The City of Perris evicted Cooperatives on the spot and without notice of the planned eviction even though Cooperatives are legal in California, the medicine is lawfully prescribed to card-carrying registered patients, and there is no summary abatement procedure for dispensaries in Perris’ Municipal Code.

Sherriffs’ swarmed on Cooperatives giving those inside 15 minutes to grab their personal belongings AND THEN the Sherriff’s Department changed the locks on the doors, thereby affecting a summary abatement (i.e., an eviction without typical due process of law, like a properly noticed hearing before a judge and an adversarial hearing).
Under the City of Perris’ present illegal abatement enforcement plan a citizen can be ejected, locked-out, and stripped of his family home or business by armed police enforcing municipal code enforcement warrants without due process of law. This is not only unlawful and unconstitutional but also extremely dangerous as it puts armed police officers on the street against unarmed citizens over municipal code enforcement issues; as well as being a gross misuse of expensive police resources in order to save money and work for city officials and code enforcement officers.

Would you want your son or daughter shot and killed by police while serving a municipal code enforcement abatement warrant? If we do not stop this illegal city activity, when will the police be breaking into your home or business? Because you forgot to take out the garbage? Because you have an old car in your driveway? Or for whatever reason they decide to allege that you are a nuisance to your neighborhood?

UPDATE: October 9, 2015- Governor Signs Law—California Medical Cannabis Industry is Here to Stay
On October 9, 2015, just days after The City of Perris’ improper Medical Marijuana Cooperative raids, California Governor Jerry Brown signs into law a comprehensive statewide regulatory structure for California’s well established and burgeoning Medical Cannabis industry. 

The new laws are comprehensive and provide the much needed regulatory skeletal structure on a wide range of interrelated matters like: growing Medical Cannabis, employment in the Medical Cannabis industry, prescribing Medical Cannabis, using Medical Cannabis, and Dispensing Medical Cannabis; and the licensing, regulatory, and policing structures related thereto.
As a result of the new laws, the California Business and Professions Code has been amended to expressly authorize licensed physicians to prescribe “dangerous drugs” or “prescription controlled substances for the treatment of pain or a condition causing pain…” (BPC § 2241.5), and further guides physicians on how to do the same.

In other parts of the three new bills passed, California Codes were amended to discuss employment matters like subjecting Medical Commercial Cannabis cultivation employees to the Industrial Welfare Commission; as well as establishing rules for organic cultivation and rules for appellation of origins (i.e., geographic branding is here, like wine grapes);  new California Code even seeks to protect the integrity of California Cannabis by making it illegal for cannabis producers to claim Cannabis is from a specific California County if, in fact, it is not from that County.

Ultimately, the definitive statement of the new legislation is the official recognition of Cannabis as an agricultural product of the State of California.
So as the dust begins to settle on the issue of Medical Marijuana it still may take some months for the Green Curtain to finally come down, and municipalities may still be left with the ability to “zone-out” dispensaries, but the writing is on the wall as well as in the law books, and the Medical Cannabis Industry is here to stay in California.
So why are cities like Perris, California, that have had Medical Cannabis Cooperatives for years, suddenly raiding Cooperatives and closing their doors without due process of law and with expensive contract Sherriff’s deputies? What changed in Perris? Perris used to be known as a “Compassionate” city, and now it is known for Constitutional Due Process Violations and separating sick patients from medicine, without notice, and with unlawful use of force.
One thing is for certain, an inquiry should be made into the allegations of due process violations by the City of Perris; and more importantly why the City would expose themselves to liability just for the sake of separating sick patients from lawful medicine.
Update: October 13, 2015
Please find the included video below where Joshua D. Naggar, Attorney At Law, addresses Perris City Officials about this matter.

More updates to come as the Green Curtain is dismantled block by block.

Some of the Cooperatives are being represented by:

Possible Predator Warning for Riverside County - Man Uses Social Media to Harass Women

Found on

Normally when I see "Facebook Beware" warnings I turn a blind eye but this one caught my attention so I looked into it. According to a few separate sources there is a man trolling social media message boards asking women to go with him on a retreat, or meet him alone, under a few various pretenses. In one post he pretends to be a Walmart manager in Perris, CA. wanting to hire two women for a sales associate position and asking them to meet him alone at a location of his choosing, where he will "give u a test to see if your qualified"

In another post he brazenly claims to be the Priest of St. James Catholic Church, and he is looking for women to go on a weekend retreat with him. In the post he asks women for their address so he can pick them up at their home, telling them that he will instruct them on what to wear to the retreat. In one message conversation with a women he instructs her that she may not wear any clothing other than lingerie and tells her that she must spend one hour with him in one on one counseling. She of course tells him where to stick it with some very colorful language.

According to some, these posts have appeared before, but they stopped for a period of time. In most of the posts he calls himself Martin Chalino Alvarez, and has an instagram handle of @monsterguy2011. When I searched Instagram for the account I found that it had been removed or never existed, and I could not verify his identity in any other way.

So far I haven't found any reports of any victims, and his posts are so full of obvious red flags that I find it difficult to believe any woman would fall for them. My best guess is that this is one of two things. Either this guy is a disturbed predator trying to lure young women for some unknown purpose and he is just really bad at it, or he is an internet troll with a severely warped sense of humor that enjoys getting a reaction out of people. I have attached some screen shots of his posts and conversations. You be the judge.

His relationship to Mayra's Tacos is unknown but probably bad for business.

Caution - NSFW Language - You Have Been Warned

Thanks to my friends in the What's Up Riverside County? Facebook Group for helping gather some of this information.

***Update 9am 10-15-15: As of now at least three victims have come forward with similar stories of harassment. One victim reported that when she spurned this predators advances she received threatening messages and pictures for 2 months. Pictures taken of her and her child, pictures of guns, and she was forced to eventually change her number. Police reports have been filed.

***Update 11am: The suspect in this case is apparently an employee of TE Connectivity in Hemet. TE Connectivity could not be reached for comment.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Will Riverside County Close Down All Medicinal Cannabis Dispensaries Tomorrow ?

Story submitted to us by John Davison of Hemet
The council will be meeting Tuesday, Oct 13th at 6:30 pm at the city hall in Perris.
 101 N D St Perris Ca 

If the council approves to close all dispensaries it will be effecting thousands of Medicinal Cannabis patients

All patients who has a medical card who has to depend on Medicinal to come to this meeting and fight for your rights. 



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