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15 year old unsolved double homicide case comes to end . Killed by Corrupted Ozark Police Officers Police Dept Covers up evidence

Story Posted by Eddie George  Aka The Crazy Guy With The Lazy Eye
Details by By Jon B. Carroll with The Henry County Report 

Back in 1999 when this story happen I was living in Ozark Alabama and Knew each of the accused police officers mentioned below. This case went for 16 years unsolved and new evidence came out that these 2 ladies were killed and covered up by Ozark Police Dept and would of went unsolved if it was not for one officer who Broke the "Blue wall of silence " and confesses an Ozark Police Officer Killed JB Beasly & Tracie Hawlett 16 years ago to keep their mouths shut on evidence they had against the police on corrupted activity.


In a startling development, after recent attempts by JB Beasley’s sister to seek leads through social media, an auxiliary Ozark police officer contacted her and said,


Rena Crumb, reportedly  a sworn Ozark aux. police officer, told members of the victim’s family that a former Ozark police officer, who currently is  with a Henry employed with County law enforcement agency, killed Beasley.
The officer accused, of whom we are withholding the identity, per request of a state investigator,  according to the Ozark
Officer Renee Crumb
Aux Officer Rena Crumb
officer was involved an altercation with Beasley that night (July 31, 1999)  and accidentally fired his weapon while attempting to hit her with it.
At one point it is reported both girls escaped, but were recaptured.
The officer reportedly was sent to stop and search JB and Tracie to locate a  series of recorded conversations on cassette tapes that were highly incriminating of top Ozark police officers and others.
Crumb stated in an email the following:
“ – NAME REDACTED – is the one who did it, and (Chief) Tony Spivey knew about it. I have known both of them since they joined the Police Department. Rex Tipton, Butch Whittington, and Eddie Henderson are in on the cover-up.
I am ashamed to say I have known for a long time, I worked with all of them, blue walls of silence, cant believe it stayed silent this long, everyone talks when they drink”.
The cassette tapes in question, we are told by a former law enforcement officer who worked the case for years, are believed to be of a prominent businessman and a judicial official (now federal judge) that were involved in discussions of cocaine distribution and profits, and discuss paying out money to a man who is now Alabama’s leading politicians.
Former Ozark police chief Tony Spivey
Former Ozark Police Chief Tony Spivey
Chief Tony Spivey, I believe, is on the tapes, he’s the damn fool who let the girls be where they were in the first place.”
The retired officer believes the two girls intended to use these tapes in a court case that was scheduled for the coming Monday, August 2, 1999, less than 48 hours after they were murdered. The tapes were to be entered as evidence.
Officer Crum has said the same story to four individuals and was interviewed by Houston County deputy Donovan Arias, before she was interviewed by Ozark police chief, Marlos Walker . We have listened to that audio file and Arias has further conformed this.
An individual close to this, speaking in strict confidence, told us,
 “Marlos at first refused to interview her, then tried to delay it , and now has buried the report. If it had not been for Deputy Arias he would have covered it up.  Arias made sure the chief interviewed her and witnessed it. At this point I figure they will kill her.”
A retired federal law enforcement officer also shared this was expected that,
“whenever someone got close to this case they were shut down, retired ,or transferred out of the area. We knew it was covered up, but we just did’nt know why.
When we spoke to a government official / family friend in Montgomery –  after we interviewed the Attorney General’s Investigator Shawn Smith – he admitted this case would not be solved. If so, it has to come from people outside the State of  Alabama at the federal. This is the same conclusion Governor Siegleman concluded, he told us.
We were told that,
“to many very important people have everything to lose at this point. They will let sleeping dogs lie.”
A.G. Investigator Shawn Smith denied the allegation, that at multiple times, retired, and former law enforcement officers, had approached the attorney general to share the information necessary to solve the case.
However, documents shared in confidence with us by a retired federal officer proved otherwise. Smith told us,“Thats strange I have no record of that in the files”.
After Officer Crum came forward, we were told , she immediately starting receiving death threats. We were shown digital evidence that we were able to trace to former Ozark police officer Butch Whittington, warning her, “to keep her fucking mouth shut.”
Crum was then reportedly assaulted and beaten with a baseball bat and her orbital socket fractured and shoulder injured, but will not discuss who did it to her out of fear, and refuses to press charges.
Former Ozark Policeman Butch Whittington
The victim’s family told us that at this point  Attorney General’s office investigator Shawn Smith refuses to interview her and admitted this to us in his interview last week, and claimed nothing would likely be done about the case. Their was no money available for witness protection 
It is the family’s hope now that someone from outside the state of Alabama can intervene with the assistance of the  US Department of Justice, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, and help hold those responsible for the murder of JB and Tracie accountable and prosecute those complicit in covering it up.

Retired Police Officer Shares Case Notes on Murders of JB Beasley and Tracie Hawlett

ARETIRED police officer contacted me after reading what he described as a love letter written by Rickey Stokes about the Ozark Police Department. He pointed out that although Mr Stokes was a decent bondsman, he had not worked narcotics, and was ignorant about the depths of corruption present in the Ozark.
Speaking with over 35 years experience, he wanted to share some of his personal case notes about the murders of JB Beasley and Tracie Hawlett with the public. He believes that a police officer killed the young women when the tapes they had in their possession were not recovered that night.
He provided a report that appears to detail a burglary that occurred in the former Hawlett home where the onlyROOM targeted was Tracie’s. The burglars took nothing, but appeared to be searching for something in Tracie’s room.
After the girls died, he noted that two Ozark police officers appeared and tried to force their way into the Hawlett home and search Tracie’s room. Her parents made them leave. This, he believes, is evidence that the tapes were not recovered by the Police officers that killed them.
He believes the key to solving the case was recognizing the danger the young women had encountered in Ozark by being around certain police officers that were involved in a large scale narcotics operation, importing cocaine into the Wiregrass. This identifies the parties complicit and establishes motive.
He wanted members of the public to be aware the evidence they had on the tapes in their possession were scheduled to be revealed in the dates on court documents attached that are partially sealed.LAWYERS AND paralegals he said, could take this information and obtain the entire case files and determine the officers involved.
He requested that we publish the following notes for those interested inASSISTING Jacqui Burgoon, in an effort to bring those that killed her sister to justice.
He, along with two of his colleagues, are willing to testify to federal authorities, if the US Attorney becomes involved to prosecute those he believes, in the Ozark Police Department, that are complicit in covering up the murders.


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